Make amazing memories with a honeymoon in the Maldives

26th September 2019

Unwind in your own private piece of paradise

Choosing the perfect honeymoon can be a daunting task, with every couple looking for an idyllic destination to remember. Here at Questor Travel, we have done the hard work for you, by scouring the globe for the most beautiful honeymoon destinations. This time we are focusing on the Maldives, the string of tiny islands which skim the Indian Ocean.
For decades honeymooners have been drawn to the white sand and turquoise lagoons of the stunning island hideaways. The group of 1,200 islands are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with 200 inhabited for honeymooners to enjoy.

No honeymoon to the Maldives is complete without visits to some of the neighbouring islands. If you would like to explore the islands at your own pace, we recommend booking one of the island-hopping boat trips. The Maldives are full of peaceful and romantic spots which are ideal for couples, so take the time to explore and find your own piece of paradise. The following are our top tips for places to visit and things to see on your Maldivian honeymoon.

The tranquil coral islands are fringed by some of the clearest water in the world, making the beaches the perfect spot for relaxing swims and romantic strolls. If you are looking to relax on soft white sands, we recommend the beaches of Velgandu Island. This is a small island which is accessible by seaplane from Malé.

A dream destination for diving and snorkelling

If you are looking for an active honeymoon, the underwater world of the Indian Ocean awaits. Many believe the Maldives to be the best diving location in the world. Explore the coral reefs and marine life, to create an amazing memory to last a lifetime. From brain, table and staghorn coral to seabeds with turtles gliding along.

For an adventurous snorkelling or diving experience, many visitors rave about the Banana Reef of North Malé Atoll. It is a great spot to swim alongside dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays and clownfish. Alternatively, take a dive to the Baros Island seabed, where you will find a sunken boat with coral and sleeping nurse sharks.

If you prefer to stay on top of the water, there are still many ways to enjoy the marine life as a couple. A great option is Velassaru, where you can take part in big game fishing and marine biology tours.

For a truly special evening, we recommend booking an evening dolphin cruise. This is one of the most romantic ways to see marine life, with cocktails and canapés available on many of the tours. The dolphins are known for putting on an exciting show to their willing audiences, with many people watching them play, dive and dart around the boats in a truly mesmerising display.

Turn your honeymoon into the travelling trip of a lifetime

If it is one of your shared dreams to travel the world, there are many great countries to include in your honeymoon to the Maldives. For example, you could choose to stop over for a few nights and explore the amazing city of Dubai, Istanbul or the wonders of Sri Lanka. There are many new countries to visit with flights taking less than 2 hours.

In Dubai and Istanbul, you will be able to explore mind-defying cities and enjoy cultural experiences. With Sri Lanka home to ancient ruins, temples and national parks, you can plan the perfect adventure around a fascinating country.

Celebrate your honeymoon in style during Independence Day

If you would like your wedding celebrations to continue, a trip to the Maldives during Independence Day is perfect. The day is celebrated annually on 26th August, with costumes, music and parades. To soak up the atmosphere, you should include the capital island of Malé in your trip, as the majority of the celebrations take place here. If you are looking for a more relaxing honeymoon, many of the island resorts will offer a quieter atmosphere during Independence Day.

Some of the most romantic sunsets in the world

The romantic sunsets of the Kandolhu island have been described as completely soul-stirring experiences. Find a cosy nook in one of the beach bars, enjoy some cocktails and watch the sun drift down to the glimmering horizon.

Enjoy complete seclusion in an overwater villa

If you are dreaming of a honeymoon where the only people in the world are the two of you, head to Cocoa Island. The small slither of sand is surrounded by what appear on first glance to be traditional local fishing boats. However, they are actually luxurious overwater villas, with a balcony deck and stairs into the ocean. If you do wish for some company, there is a bar and open-air restaurant with an excellent Indian and Mediterranean fusion menu.

Dine on the water’s edge and create special moments

From breakfast to dinner, there are many options available for special meals. Start your day with a romantic breakfast overlooking the sunrise, with fresh fruit and local pastries. Or, why not take a picnic with you on a speedboat to your favourite sandbank?

If you are looking to celebrate your nuptials with a romantic dinner, there are many amazing restaurants to choose from. A great example is The Lighthouse Restaurant in Baros, which is set on a long jetty running out to the ocean. The flagship island restaurant is known for its open-air deck, where you can enjoy a flambéed lobster cooked next to your table. If you prefer a private sandbank dinner, you will enjoy complete isolation in Velassaru, which offers the best of Maldivian luxury.

Immerse yourself in absolute calmness in a resort spa

Planning a wedding is often a busy time in every couple’s life, so your honeymoon is your chance to relax and enjoy married life together. As soon as you arrive in the Maldives you will instantly feel the sense of calmness, although for complete relaxation we recommend heading to one of the resort spas.

There are some underwater spas which offer a subterranean ocean view, although we suggest booking these treatments in advance. The ideal time is just after landing, as a massage can help you unwind and start your honeymoon together on the perfect note.

When is the best time to plan a honeymoon to the Maldives?

If you are looking to sunbathe, December to February will provide the warmest temperatures and lowest rainfall. Although, there are many great deals available during the British summertime, which is the low season in the Maldives. The weather is still beautiful between May and September, although there may be the odd shower to break the hours of sunshine.

How long should we spend on our Maldives honeymoon?

To fully experience the wonders of the Maldives we recommend staying for no less than 7 days, with 10 or 14 days a great option. This will allow plenty of time to visit the islands which take your fancy, complete a diving course and enjoy the best restaurants.

How to book your honeymoon in the Maldives

There are an array of resorts and hotel options to choose from in the Maldives. Alongside your flights and accommodation, you should also consider your transfer options, meal plans, bed and green taxes. With so many aspects to consider for your honeymoon, we recommend booking with a travel expert.

Here at Questor Travel, we can scour the available options to find you the perfect resort within your budget. We can also help you find the deals and offers to ensure your honeymoon is as special as it should be. We believe your entire honeymoon should be designed around your individual interests so that you experience the perfect trip.

To find out more about booking a honeymoon in the Maldives, please contact our experienced travel agents today to discuss your special trip.

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