Weddings & Honeymoons At Sea

26th September 2019

Weddings and Honeymoons at Sea

In romantic films and books, one of the most heartwarming ways to ‘tie the knot’ is out on the ocean waves, with the ship’s captain doing the honours.

It is possible – and truly magical – to hold your wedding on a cruise ship and to combine it with the perfect honeymoon. However, it’s a myth that all captains can conduct weddings- and that all ships offer the ‘perfect storm’ of honeymoon bliss!

If you want to find a cruise that includes weddings what should you look for? Also, what can you expect for a marriage ceremony and honeymoon that’s ‘all at sea’?

Why weddings at sea are so wonderful

Let’s start by acknowledging how incredibly romantic modern cruises are for loved-up couples. Any lingering myths or misconceptions that cruises are mainly aimed at older travellers need to be firmly thrown overboard!

Modern cruise ships are not just floating luxury hotels, they’re like an entire luxury holiday resort on water! You get high calibre accommodation, an incredible choice of dining experiences, spa, pools and welcoming sun decks. You also have first-class entertainment, sports and activities and beautiful scenery! All in one perfect package.

You can choose the backdrop, ports of call and excursions that best suit your interests and ‘bucket list’. Is it going to be the palm-fringed, white-gold sands of the Caribbean, the historically fascinating countries of the Mediterranean, or perhaps Mother Nature’s finest sculptures with a cruise holiday beneath the Northern Lights around Alaska?

Now picture yourself on board that sleek, beautifully maintained cruise ship, cutting steadily through the deep waters of the world’s most impressive oceans and seas. You are wrapped in your loved one’s embrace, gazing at a flawless night sky, with a gentle sea breeze on your face.

Now that’s romance at its best! No wonder it’s becoming so popular to hold weddings on cruises, as well as to book honeymoons at sea.

What’s involved with getting married on a cruise ship?

Some of the bigger cruise companies – and smaller, more specialist cruise lines – know exactly what it takes to put together the perfect wedding and honeymoon. That often means tailoring the whole experience to what the couple – and their guests – want the day to look and feel like.

They often have teams of people whose sole job it is to put together the ideal event at sea, including everything from wedding photography and videoing, flowers for the ceremony and delicious reception food, to making sure the wedding party’s clothing is also pressed to perfection.

In most cases, the captain will be the one who officiates, in full dress uniform of course.

How to plan a cruise wedding and honeymoon

The starting point must be deciding what sort of cruise experience you prefer, as a wonderful backdrop for your special day and once in a lifetime holiday. This is not just about picking a world location for your wedding cruise and honeymoon, but a cruise company that offers the best options for you.

You may want big, bold and awe-inspiring ships and to say your vows on the deck as you sail across the Equator, for example. Or, you may prefer a more private and low-key wedding at sea in the chapel or library of a more intimate vessel.

Researching and arranging a cruise wedding and honeymoon can be far more assured with Questor Travel to help you. We know which cruise lines are most likely to go the extra mile to fulfil your every wish and make your sea marriage ceremony and honeymoon the ultimate in romance.

More insights on weddings at sea

To plan the perfect wedding on a cruise ship – with nothing to turn your dream day into a financial nightmare – it’s important to be 100% clear on what’s included in the price quoted. Otherwise, one wrong step and you’re drowning in a lot of extra charges and additional fees you weren’t expecting!

It’s another way in which Questor Travel can help couples to find a watertight and wonderful wedding plan. We can help firm up and explain the cruise wedding pricing structures.

We never forget this is your dream wedding – and honeymoon. Questor Travel makes sure you get what you want, making sure that the final price does nothing to take the shine off your happy smile!

Wedding guests for marriages at sea

This is another aspect of weddings on cruise ships that’s all about personal preference, but also your budget for this enchanting event.

Some cruise companies offer onboard weddings on embarkment day. This means your ceremony occurs while the ship is still in port, giving you the option of having non-travelling guests there.

You may prefer your marriage ceremony mid-ocean, and just have a small wedding party of guests who paid to be part of your unforgettable day. (Who also enjoy a superb cruise of their own, of course.)

Some couples opt for a cruise wedding and honeymoon that’s entirely focused on them. The cruise company can happily provide official witnesses for the ceremony.

There is also the option with some cruise lines to have your wedding on shore, taking your guests off the boat for a wonderful marriage ceremony in some exotic location. That way you could combine a dream honeymoon on a fabulous cruise ship, with getting married on a tropical beach, or on top of a cliff with a jaw dropping view!

A big splashing do or an intimate exchange of vows, this wonderfully romantic wedding needs to be your own idea of perfection!

A typical cruise wedding day

Even though we can help you to make your wedding at sea truly your own, what would a typical onboard wedding itinerary look like?

You might want to start your wedding day with breakfast and champagne in bed – either in a shared cabin or separate for this one night, and perhaps each sharing with a family member or friend.

Perhaps you would then stroll to the cruise ship’s beauty and hair salon and spa, to be thoroughly spoilt.

After getting pampered and preened in your lovely cabin, any bouquets and buttonhole flowers you’ve ordered will be delivered, along with pressed wedding attire.

Then, you and your guests will make your way to the area selected for the exchange of vows. Your location will look stunning, and it’s likely there won’t be a dry eye in the house when you say, ‘I do!’.

Afterwards, your celebration would be in a lounge or event area that suits your party size and preference. Would you love an elegant affair, with dainty canapes and delicious cocktails? Or is your preference for a five-course wedding banquet? There is also the option of joining the rest of the ship’s guests in one of the fine dining restaurants on board.

Wherever you select to have your wedding reception meal, one thing is certain, cruise ship food is well known for being absolutely amazing! There’s a good chance the chefs will be able to provide exquisite wedding food that matches your wish list. Expect your wedding cake to be a star of the show too!

Many cruise wedding packages also offer you the opportunity to book entertainment – such as live music – after the meal. A lot depends on your budget, and what you think would finish everything off brilliantly.

The happy couple could dance until dawn, or take that moonlight walk on the deck to reflect on every detail of their wonderful day.

Then, of course, you have lots more memories to make, as your honeymoon cruise unfolds and beguiles you!

How to arrange a cruise ship wedding and honeymoon

The first step to planning your perfect wedding at sea is to contact the team at Questor Travel.

We can help put together your dream day including exploring prices for weddings on cruise ships, and potentially even arranging for you to view potential ships while they’re in port.

Same-sex marriages at sea, wedding vow renewals and ceremonies with specific religious or cultural requests are all in the best possible hands with our experienced team.

Perhaps you don’t want your nuptials at sea, but you fancy having an engagement cruise and party at sea? We can sort that out too.

Hopefully, we will also be handling your wedding anniversary cruise in the years to come too!

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