A Fascinating Continent

The glorious sights smells and other sensory riches of Asia have been beguiling overseas visitors for centuries. The welcome given when you arrive at any destination in this fascinating continent is as warm as its many sun-kissed ocean beaches.

Magnificent Landscapes

Blessed by a natural landscape so magnificent, it’s no wonder that the people of Asia are so proud of their beautiful countries. This continent is scattered with some of the lushest tropical locations on the planet – including unforgettable Koh Phi Phi and Halong Bay – as well as biodiverse jungles teeming with wildlife. It also boasts the world’s highest mountains and the most spectacular glacial sunrises imaginable.

The Best Urban Areas

Asia is bejewelled by some of the fastest-growing, architecturally splendid urban areas, including Tokyo, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Kuala Lumpur with their world-beating skyscrapers. Each has its distinct heritage and cultural significance, passing from ancient to contemporary buildings around every corner.

Village Markets

On your holiday in Asia, you’re equally likely to barter for handmade goods in a lively village market, as you are to shop in some of the best retail cities in the world. One day you could be viewing a once in a lifetime sunset on the soft sands of a palm-fringed beach, then another you could be dancing until dawn in a stellar city-centre nightclub. There are abundant places to backpack off the beaten track, travel by quirky people-powered rickshaws and other local vehicles; as well as major transport links to whisk you to the next vibrant and colourful location. Stay in budget accommodation in a remote village community, or the lap of luxury at some of the most lavish hotels in the world.

Asian Activities

Asia also offers you the chance to find spiritual peace and solace among ancient temples or on prehistoric mountain tops or to test your stamina at one of the continent’s superb ski resorts. You could even follow in the footsteps of the earliest explorers, by taking one of the many fascinating trekking holidays in the Himalayan mountains. Or, join in the year-round festivals and celebrations that take place in Asia, when this incredibly colourful and diverse continent adds an even bigger splash of sensory magic to its mix! It’s all about personal choice and finding the locations and experiences in Asia that will create your precious lifelong memories.

Whichever of the many ‘sides’ of Asia you prefer, you can be assured of mouth-watering rich, delicious food prepared from indigenous ingredients that have been cultivated in the sun, and a fabulous choice of affordable accommodation.

Some of the best holiday locations and experiences in Asia are to be found in Bali, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Uzbekistan

Discover Asia

We really couldn’t describe Asia in just one sentence. Or even a thousand sentences. It really is a place of awe-inspiring discovery.

Culture really is the buzzword of this continent. If you love discovering new ways of life, tasting unknown delicacies and getting lost in rich temples, you’ll never have a moment of boredom in Asia. But of course, we suggest we try it out for yourselves…

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