An Unforgettable Holiday Destination

Japan is shrouded in mystery and fascination and has only recently emerged as an attractive and unforgettable holiday destination.

Interest in this wonderfully varied country has been lifted by growing awareness of the many aspects of Japanese culture and heritage, as well as the country’s prolific contribution to innovation and excellence.

The Most Impressive Buildings On The Planet

Japan includes some of the most impressive buildings on the planet, including the tallest in the world, the awe-inspiring Tokyo Skytree (634m high). Of course, you may prefer to wander around Japan’s Imperial Palace (previously known as Edo Castle) with its much-photographed moat, tree-lined avenue and Meiji Shrine. This is just one of the impressive and moving shrines, temples and samurai castles to explore in Japan’s districts.

Mount Fuji

For those who prefer structures that nature has crafted in the Land of the Rising Sun, then feast your eyes on Mount Fuji just west of Tokyo, one of Asia’s biggest tourist magnets.

Japan has been referred to as the place to go for surprises and contrasts, and this includes holiday opportunities that are the opposite of each other. You could head to the reliable snow in ski resorts around Hokkaido or pack a bathing suit to soak up the sun on a subtropical beach in Okinawa.

Discover Japan

For all its abundant aesthetical appeal – and superb list of holiday experiences – Japan also has something else to offer world travellers.

Whether you’re in cloud-covered mountain villages, remote fishing villages or thriving city streets, you can always find some of the most trend-setting and quirky food in the world.

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