Variety in Singapore

Singapore is synonymous with vibrant, sun-drenched holiday resorts, alongside the city-state’s ancient temples and untamed tropical landscapes. The incredible variety of Singapore comes from its main island – which in places is highly developed – and it’s 62 smaller islets which are waiting to be explored in this gloriously hot climate. It means one holiday here will never be enough.

Changi Airport

You could fall in love with Singapore just from your experience of Changi airport! It’s often viewed as the best in the world, with more leisure, entertainment and fun facilities than many cities (including a swimming pool and nature trail).

Popular Singapore Destinations

Venture forth, and Singapore’s strong national identity and breathtaking natural beauty will put you even further under its spell. One of the most popular destinations for tourists is Pulau Ubin, which hasn’t changed much since the 1960s, or busy Sentosa which holds Singapore’s Universal Studios. In contrast, St. John’s Island is the place to stay for lovely secluded beaches and a fishing paradise. For some, Singapore is all about swimming and snorkelling with abundant sea creatures, and you can spot seahorses and sharks at Singapore’s Marine Park!]

Singapore Beaches

Singapore offers flawless beaches – with the chance for serene and luxury vacations in unforgettable resorts. Or, use its abundant buses, taxis and water taxis to explore Singapore’s record-breaking architecture and high-end shops. The city skyline is truly amazing, packed with visionary designs; especially the iconic Marine Bay Sands and Sands Sky Park (nicknamed the celestial surfboard).

Beneath, the impressive buildings’ strict regulation (and around 50,000 staff) keep Singapore’s streets the cleanest in the world. Which you can see for yourself as you walk to some of the best restaurants in Asia.

Discover Singapore

Singapore combines high-end technology with charming traditions – you’ll be in awe from start to finish of your time there.

Sprawling green cities, one of the best transport systems in Asia and all the fashion houses you could wish for: Singapore truly is a treat for the keen traveller who wants to find a home away from home.

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