The Unexpected Showstopper

The name may not be as familiar as other Asian holiday destinations, but Uzbekistan is fast making its way to the top of many travel bucket lists, especially for anyone seeking a slice of an exotic paradise. Uzbekistan is utterly fascinating and beguiling. It could be classed as Central Asia’s most unforgettable and unexpected ‘showstopper’.

Best Locations

For one thing, it’s a panoramic and interesting section of the ancient Silk Road, a vital trade route from China to Turkey. Some Uzbekistan cities still glitter and soar, with shimmering minarets, glorious domes, ornate mosques and intricate mosaic walls and floors. One of the best places to travel back in time is Khiva, a living museum of a bygone age, carefully protected by UNESCO, with its labyrinth of streets that still echo with a history that dates to the 6th century.

Alternatively, tread in the footsteps of ancient warriors with a visit to the Alexander the Great fortress, near Nurata village. You could also trek the Nuratau Mountains, the centre of Uzbekistan’s blossoming ecotourism movement.

Discover Uzbekistan

Soak up the culture

The heritage and beautiful landscape of Uzbekistan can even be observed from your own desert yurt. Or, whilst living in lavish splendour in stunning cities such as Bukhara and Samarkand, which have surprises in store for even the most seasoned travellers.

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