Central & Southern America

Central & Southern America

Latin America Is The Place To Go

A truly magical continent, Latin America combines achingly beautiful scenery with the mystery of ancient civilisations, cosmopolitan cities and an amazing array of unique experiences. Whether your idea of a perfect holiday is a beachside idyll, discovering the wonders of a lost city or immersing yourself in a new culture, Latin America is the place to go. As well as the chance to discover each country in detail, there are also some unforgettable opportunities for cross country trips and tours. These showcase some of the top attractions which the continent has to offer.

Machu Picchu, Cotopaxi, El Chalten and more

South American scenery ranges from the lush, tropical Amazon rainforest through to the rugged Andes mountains and spectacular coastal scenery. Much of the land remains undeveloped, enabling visitors to enjoy unforgettable panoramas of unspoiled countryside. Natural attractions are numerous: South America has over 300 national parks, including Kaieteur (home of Kaieteur Falls), Cotopaxi (also the location of the volcano of the same name) and the Atacama National Park (incorporating the Atacama desert). Given the diversity of habitats, it’s little wonder South America has some amazing flora and fauna, making it a great destination for nature lovers.

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Diverse, intriguing cities

Whether you want the opportunity to explore the ancient, forgotten cities of the Incas and Aztecs (Machu Picchu, Bonampak or Tenochtitlan) or prefer to enjoy the contemporary, multi-cultural, thriving metropolises of Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Bogata or Cartagena, South America’s urban areas are packed with authentic sights, sounds and flavours. Why not take a walking tour around Rocinha Favela, or enjoy a historical day trip? With a thriving nightlife, a wealth of eateries and restaurants, as well as plenty to see and do, cities in South America offer an unmissable experience.

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