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Spectacular Scenery

A beautiful country that tempts visitors with its spectacular scenery, colonial cities and vibrant, multi-cultural population, Argentina is a country that people return to over and over again. Whether you fall in love with the barrios of Buenos Aires or yearn for the peaceful beauty of Patagonia, Argentina captivates and fascinates.

Nature at it’s Finest

The two main attractions of Argentina are its scenery and its people. If you love to get back to nature, the tranquil beaches, stunning Patagonian ice fields, plains, waterfalls and lakes of Argentina are a delight. There’s an amazing contrast between the chillier Patagonian climate and the sub-tropical temperatures of the north of the country. From the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls through to the Perito Moreno Glacier and the Valdes Penninsula – a UNESCO site that’s teeming with exotic wildlife – Argentina showcases some of the most memorable natural phenomena, plants and animals on the planet.

Buenos Aires

For many visitors, a trip to Argentina starts in Buenos Aires. A colonial city that’s developed into a busy, modern metropolis that’s got a cheerful, energetic ambience, Buenos Aires delivers everything from delicious, Spanish inspired dining (the street food (such as Choripan or Empanadas) is not to be missed) through to art, culture, historical interest, shopping, nightlife, beach life, leisure and much more. Whether you choose to amble through La Boca, marvelling at the vibrant colours and unusual exhibits in the open-air street museum, or visit up-market Recoleta, where Eva Peron lies buried in the elaborate cemetery, BA never ceases to beguile.


Discover your rhythm in the home of the tango

Of course, no visit to Argentina is complete without learning how to tango. The Tango has been a major influence on the history and development of the country since the dance was invented in the 19th Century. Whether you decide to learn the moves in an open-air lesson or visit the iconic La Viruta dance hall in BA, mastery of this fiery, passionate dance is a wonderful souvenir to take from your time in Argentina.

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