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If classic romance and old-school landscapes are more your thing, then the stunningly beautiful Cyprus might be right at the top of your list. A destination that is as visually appealing as it comes, the country is well-known for its rich and compelling history and traditional culture, with plenty to explore and enjoy for those who enjoy taking a closer look at the long histories and fascinating pasts of some of the world’s most incredible beauty spots.

Mediterranean Villages

Cyprus is well-known for the Mediterranean villages and amazing sun-bleached towns. Holidays here have a significant focus on sights of architecture and locations of historical importance. The sweeping romance and incredible history of the area intertwine to provide the perfect setting for adult groups and couples, while water rafting and canyoning are available for the more adventurous at heart. Whether you prefer visiting ancient ruins or your preference is sticking to more tourist-friendly areas, Cyprus has something for all.

Cypriot Life

A destination that often isn’t our first thought for European travel, Cyprus is, without a doubt a completely unique corner of the world that’s more than worth investigating. To ensure you get the chance to see all the country has to offer, opting for a custom-built holiday can ensure you don’t miss out on a single thing. Witness the beauty of St Hilarion Castle, marvel at the old-world elegance of Kyrenia’s old harbour and enjoy the best local Meze dishes at local tavernas to fully immerse yourself in the pace of Cypriot life and discover a new way of living.

One of the Most Traditional Destinations

As one of the most traditional destinations available, our many resorts and hotels are entirely immersed in the local Cyprus culture, offering guests the opportunity to live their holiday 24/7. Whether accommodation near those all-important landmarks is a must, or the chance to walk to the nearest nightlife is your top requirement, we’ve got the best places to stay in Cyprus for you.

Discover Cyprus

One of the oldest Mediterranean civilisations, Cyprus is anything but behind the times.

From cosmopolitan shopping to laidback boat trips, a holiday to Cyprus is an opportunity to unwind and take in the sights. Take a trip to the romantic harbour at Kerynia or sample the confectionery at Famagusta – either way, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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