No Other Country Can Compare

Cuisine, culture and iconic sightseeing. There’s something about France that no other country can compare to. The unique history, incredible food and versatile destinations this European staple has to offer makes it the ideal holiday for those who enjoy doing something new and exciting every single day. From trying out that beautiful patisserie to scaling the Eiffel Tower, exploring the beautiful countryside of Brittany and the sun-filled South of France, this country has so much to offer it’s no surprise that travellers return to its borders time and time again.

Plenty to Offer

Maybe your plan for France is to eat your way around the country, experiencing all the local delicacies the cities and towns have to offer. Or your ideal holiday is stretching out on a beach in the South, France has plenty to offer to travellers of all ages and preferences. Take a tour down one of the many beautiful canals, visit Paris, the so-proclaimed City of Love, and enjoy the sun-soaked shops and streets in Cannes, right by one of the world’s most elegant coastlines.

Wonderful Experiences Are Waiting For You

Whatever your desire for France, choosing a holiday that offers it all is the best way to experience everything, no matter what your budget or time limit. A tailor-made holiday, designed just for you, is the perfect way to cut out all the part you’re not so enthused by to have more time to do all the things you love. There’s a reason why France is one of the number one destination’s for tourists across the world. It’s old-world charm, classic elegance and rustic countryside beauty draws people in, while its incredible food and wonderful experiences make them want to stay.

Incredible Coastal Resorts

France has copious options when it comes to the type of holiday you’d like to live; so it’s no surprise that the choice of resorts, hotels and accommodation is just as plentiful. From incredible coastal resorts in the South of France to boutique hotels in the centre of Paris, our partners have something to suit just about any style of getaway.

Discover France

Galleries, bistros, tree-lined avenues and the greatest fashion houses in the world.

It’s the sophisticated culture capital of Europe. So, don your best outfits and be prepared to be amazed by the beautiful beaches, stunning architecture and unforgettable flavours.

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