A Beautiful Island

A geographically astounding, exotically beautiful island off the coast of Portugal, Madeira is one of the world’s most unique holiday locations. Formed by volcanic activity and enhanced by the rich culture and incredible history of the area, this European destination is something completely different. Set in a subtropical climate, holiday-goers will be able to access that much-coveted sunshine year-round, on one of the island’s incredible beaches or while strolling around one of the many villages dotting the land. Enjoy the local food, take the time to explore the streets and museums of Funchal and enjoy the novelty of local shopping and customs in the many distinct old-world locations this European island has to offer.

Incredible Spots Of Natural Beauty

An island more suited to sightseeing than the party scene, Madeira is the ideal solution for travellers looking for a more laid-back pace for their holidays. The island is home to some incredible spots of natural beauty, as well as rare flora and fauna to discover. Highlights include the incredible Cabo Girao, Madeira’s incredible sea cliffs that rise to an astounding 580m. For those who prefer to stick closer to town, the recently transformed Zona Velha is the perfect destination for great food and enjoyable nightlife.

Island Paradise

For a holiday on a smaller scale, Madeira is the perfect destination. To ensure you make the most out of your visit to this incredible island a stone’s throw from Portugal, opting for a custom-built holiday will allow you to get all you can out of the beautiful landscapes and cultural experiences this beautiful island paradise has to offer to visitors of all types.

Discover Madeira

What’s better than an island paradise?

The perfect place to stay on that incredible island. Our luxurious resorts, beautiful accommodation and ideally placed hotels make soaking in the local Madeira cultures even more accessible than you might think. Join in with that laid-back atmosphere with a holiday that’s just right for your needs, whatever they may be.

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