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One of Europe’s most incredible-looking destinations, Portugal is far more than just a quick holiday break – it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Wander down cobblestoned streets to appreciate local crafts and food on offer or take a look at one of the county’s many medieval castles to truly get an idea as to what Portugal is all about. Of course, there are plenty of idyllic beaches and beautiful sights to enjoy for the more traditional traveller, along with culture-filled cities and old-world Mediterranean villages to explore at your leisure.

Explore Portugal

Well-known for its incredible water sports and surfing experiences, as well as the beauty of its beautiful cities such as the famous Lisbon, Portugal, isn’t short on once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Explore the Amalfi using the outstanding tram system, enjoy the coastal delights of beautiful Porto and experience the incredible architecture of Sintra all in one trip. Portugal is a wonderfully versatile location, whether you enjoy the city streets, or you prefer the winding coastal villages that dot the country’s attractive shoreline. If you’re looking for a holiday that’s packed full of sights, sounds and excitement, then Portugal might be the perfect choice for you.

Plenty of Luxury Choices

As such an incredibly historic destination, it’s no surprise that many holiday-goers opt for accommodation that allows for easy access to the majority of Portugal’s most significant tourist attractions. But for those who prefer to stay out of the action, there are plenty of luxury choices a little further afield. From beachfront properties to historic hotels, Portugal has a little bit of everything, which is what makes it so magical.

A Country with Many Facets

With so much to see and do, fitting all that you want to see off Portugal is easier than you might think. With an utterly custom-built holiday, it’s possible to experience everything this entrancing country offers. From relaxation on the beach to cross-country hikes, city breaks to medieval architecture, Portugal is a country with many facets – all of which are well worth taking a closer look at.

Discover Portugal

Relax with a glass of port in one hand and a custard tart in the other.

The coastline, the Azores, the surfing spots: these are just a few of the reasons to visit Portugal. But if you need one more, how about the baroque streets of Lisbon that are perfect for that Insta snap…

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