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Exotic Paradise

Hawaii has to be the epitome of an exotic paradise. With mile upon mile of exquisite beaches and breathtaking volcanic landscapes.  You can make memories here that will last a lifetime.  Few destinations offer quite so much, making Hawaii the dream holiday for many people. However long or short your stay in this paradise on Earth, we’re here to see you get the most from your visit.

Nature at its Most Stunning

Imagine golden sands and azure blue waters, teeming with some of the world’s most incredible marine life. Hawaii is home to turtles, manta ray and some of the most incredible fish species, all of which you could experience with snorkelling tours and boat excursions. No stay on the Hawaiian Islands would be complete without taking to the water in some way, whether on a leisurely cruise or mastering the waves on a surfboard.

Birthplace of Surfing

The birthplace of surfing, there is no shortage of incredible hotspots to catch the waves, wherever you stay on this chain of islands. With incredible sunsets and beachfront bars to enjoy, there’s no more relaxing end to your day than taking in the magnificence of the open ocean.

Love Island Life

If you can tear yourself away from the incredible beaches, there’s plenty to explore. Helicopter and plane tours over the islands are essential for many visitors, allowing you to see the volcanic landscapes in all their rugged glory. The lush, verdant interiors of the islands are littered with waterfalls, with plenty of hiking trails to enjoy, either guided or unguided.

Hawaiian Food

Hawaii is also famous for its food, with fresh fish dishes and powerful flavours – from fine dining destinations to street food, foodies will fall in love with Hawaii’s culinary heritage.

Discover Hawaii

Be tempted by the exotic

Whether you choose to stay in a luxury beachfront resort or find a peaceful getaway off the beaten track, Hawaii is a dream destination and an exotic paradise like no other.

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