Car Hire

Freedom to explore

Explore At Your Own Pace

Hiring a car for your holiday gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and follow your own itinerary. You can plan in advance or simply go where you fancy. When you book your car hire, you can arrange to pick it up at a time that suits you, with no need to wait around for your transfer. You’ll also be able to choose what kind of vehicle you want to drive and pay the booking fee in advance.

Freedom To Roam

A really good option if you are travelling with children or in a group, a hire car gives you the freedom to roam. It also cuts out the difficulties of negotiating public transport, which can present problems in some countries. You won’t need to worry about paying for transport, leaving your spending money free for other, more important things and when you book in advance, you’ll be ensuring that you won’t need to queue or wait around for your car.

Need To Knows

If you are going to be hiring a car, there are a few points you need to be mindful of. Make sure you know what documentation you will need to show at the hire desk and make sure you have it with you. You will usually be required to show your driving licence, a form of identification and authorisation on a credit card. Also, remember that the booking with the hiring company often defaults to the lead passenger’s name so you must make sure the lead passenger has a valid credit card. Hire companies often require a security deposit which they will hold for the duration of the hire period. This will be released after the rental once the company are sure that their terms and conditions have been met.

Enjoy Your Experience

The difference between a holiday that is OK and an amazing holiday is in the details. The extras you choose can make the difference between airport transfers you endure and those you enjoy. Your extras can mean the difference between an uncomfortable, dull wait at the airport and a comfortable, relaxing wait.

The Difference

The difference can be an exhausting round of public transport or an exciting exploration of a new place with the family in your hire car. It can mean more space in your hotel room and saving money on food. It can even mean the difference between missing out on your bucket list excursion or enjoying it to the full. So, give some thought to your holiday extras. We’re waiting to help you create your perfect holiday with every aspect just as you want it to be.

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