A little bit of luxury

Many Options

For that extra taste of ease and luxury, there are lots of options for upgrading different aspects of your holiday and you might be surprised at how little it can cost. Upgrading your board to half board or full board can be a good money-saving option as eating out can be very pricey in some destinations. This will give you more freedom to spend your money on other things with the certainty of good meals waiting for you.

Upgrades Are Available

Upgrading your airport transfer from the shuttle to private is a more relaxing way to start your holiday, especially if you’ve just had a long flight. Your hotel room can also be upgraded; a suite will give you a taste of luxury with lots more space and comfort. On your flights, you could benefit from extra legroom if you upgrade your seat, which you’ll appreciate when you get off the plane without cramped muscles.

Valet Parking?

Finally, coming back to a beautifully clean car is a lovely way to end your holiday, so why not upgrade to valet parking? Just choose the upgrades you want to add to make your holiday the perfect getaway.

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