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It's time to indulge

You’re looking for more than the average holiday. You can’t put your finger on it, something with a little more extravagance, a little more…pizzaz…

You’re looking for a luxury escape.

Questor Travel wants you to let your imagination run wild. Our vast choice of luxury escapes will push the boundaries on any holiday you’ve ever dreamt of. Whether it’s a lavish weekend of wine tasting in Italy or two-weeks in a luxury water villa in the Maldives, nothing is out of reach.

Expect the unexpected with our Luxury Holidays

You’ve come to the right place. With hundreds of providers, Questor Travel is here to make sure the holiday you choose is the holiday of a lifetime. We can help tailor the perfect luxury break, with handpicked flights, hotels, excursions and attractions. We appreciate that time away is precious, which is why we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

A luxury escape should offer nothing less than breathtaking. We want our holidays to inspire and open your mind to a world of opulence and richness in travel.  We have spa breaks that will make you forget the outside world from the moment you step through the door, 5-star hotels in Thailand that will help you unwind after a day of exploring the local culture and luxury lodges for you to enjoy a debrief of a day witnessing wildlife in their natural habitats; we can honestly say when it comes to luxury travel, anything and everything is possible.

Don’t be misled into thinking that luxury escapes are only for those looking for plush hotels and pampering. 5-star holidays are just as much for the thrill-seeker as they are for those looking for relaxation. They are for wildlife enthusiasts and culture vultures, seafarers and party animals. From cities to jungles, hotels to beach bungalows, a high-end holiday is for anyone and everyone.

All budgets will be catered for

At Questor Travel a luxury holiday doesn’t have to cost the earth. We truly believe that everybody deserves a little luxury in their lives so take a look at the affordable luxury holidays we have available or if you’d prefer, call and speak to one of our experienced team who can tailor a luxury break around your budget. Just because budgets vary, it doesn’t mean expectations should.

Let’s pamper your imagination

It’s no secret that booking a holiday can be time-consuming. With so many options available, the possibilities of what, when and where are endless, it can be difficult to know where to start. Questor Travel wants to help make your decision as easy possible so we have put together some of our favourite luxury holiday ideas below.

Luxury Escape Options

Every type of holiday has a luxury option. Whether you want to be on the beach, in a city or off the beaten track, there is a possibility for you to travel in comfort and style.

Luxury Hotels

Your hotel is the hub of your holiday, it’s your home from home for the time you’re away. It needs to be special. Our extensive choice of worldwide luxury hotels will not disappoint. No matter where you are travelling to you can expect only the best service, lavish decor and luxury amenities. From suites with private pools in Bali to boutique hotels in Paris, an opulent sky-rise hotel with a rooftop bar in Bangkok to a romantic retreat in Marrakesh, our luxury hotels cater for all your desires.

Private Islands

White sand and crystal clear waters on an entirely secluded beach, exactly like you’ve seen in adverts. Many of us dream of waking up in such stunning and pristine surroundings; dream no more. Questor Travel’s desert island escapes allow you to forget the real world, kick back, read a book, swim, snorkel, enjoy a cocktail and dine on the most delicious fresh food. It really is luxury at its finest.

Off the beaten track

Stepping off the beaten track is a way for you to behold some truly unique and compelling experiences and despite what you may think, luxury does exist in the most private and secluded corners of the earth. Whether you want to step away from the energetic high-rise hotels and venture to the majestic sand dunes of Dubai or you want to step into the wilderness and experience true RnR in a retreat in Canada’s rainforests, our knowledgable advisors are on hand to inspire you and help you dare to be different.

Luxury Yachts

If you really want to be blown away why not experience the thrill of chartering your own luxury yacht. Comprise your own itinerary and set sail wherever you choose. Europe, Malaysia, Carribean..the options are endless, equally as beautiful and all offer luxurious accommodation as well as food, surroundings and resorts. The service on board a yacht is second-to-none.

Our Top 3 Luxury Escape Destinations

1. Maldives

No luxury escape list would be complete without a mention of the Maldives. Renowned for its private, pristine white beaches and overwater villas, there really is nowhere quite as serene. Take a seaplane tour and spot sea life in the clear blue ocean below. Indulge in the spa and feast on the most beautifully presented and tasting food, often boasting a Michelin star.

2. Thailand

The luxury accommodation in Thailand allows you to immerse yourself into the local culture through the art and decor alone, that’s before you’ve ventured out to one of the many beautiful spas or tantalising restaurants. The hotels are opulent, brimming with sophistication and rich colours, the beach bungalows are plush and tranquil, and no matter what type of hotel you choose, the service you receive is exceptional. Thailand does luxury in a way like nowhere else in the world.

3. Africa

A destination you might not have imagined to be in our list but one we’re particularly excited about; Africa is crammed full of romance and exorbitance. Spend a day witnessing heart-stopping wildlife in their own habitat before returning to your beautifully and sympathetically designed lodge where the luxurious experiences continue; how does a candlelit dinner under the stars and unwinding in your private hot tub sound? You will leave Africa with memories that will last a lifetime.

Add a little luxury – Experiences

It’s the little things that count and that couldn’t be truer than with a luxury escape. As well as beautiful and lavish accommodation, Questor Travel can include luxury excursions and attractions in your holiday package. Supercars, yacht or helicopters. Hot air balloons, dine under the stars and encounter rare wildlife, to name just a few.

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