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Getting married is one of the most magical experiences we have in our lives. So, when it comes to tying the knot, do it the right way is a must. If a local church, venue or in-country honeymoon isn’t what you’re envisioning for your celebration, then a destination wedding might be your ideal choice. At Questor Travel, we put the happy couple first to provide a truly unique and incredible wedding and honeymoon experiences that are once in a lifetime. If you want to plan an event you’ll never forget, then we’re the company to pick. With hundreds of unique beauty spots and luxurious locations to choose from, we’ve got a romantic destination that will fit you both perfectly.

Your wedding and honeymoon are deeply personal experiences. That’s why we offer a diverse range of different incredible locations, from historic cities to tropical paradises, luxurious cruises to exciting safaris, to cater to just about every couple, whether you’re planning your nuptials or you’re newlywed and looking to start that next big adventure together. Unlike mainstream services, every part of our honeymoon and wedding service is custom-designed with our exclusive suppliers to provide an experience unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

If you’re planning to get married abroad, or you’re simply looking for a stellar destination for an incredible honeymoon, then there’s no better place to go. We provide the opulent destinations, beautiful scenery and unimaginable luxury and you bring the romance.

Your Special Day, Designed Just For You

Your wedding is one of the best days of your life. So why wouldn’t you want your surroundings to reflect that beauty? A destination wedding is a beautiful way to enter into married life, allowing for incredible scenic photos as well as luxurious, romantic locations to say those all-important vows. At Questor Travel, we offer incredible tailor-made wedding packages, both with and without a honeymoon, at fantastic prices. We cater to just about any budget and make dreams come true by providing the incredible backdrop you want for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding event. From small intimate ceremonies on the beautiful beaches in the Caribbean to exciting American excursions, we have something for every couple. Your wedding day should be just as unique as your marriage, after all.

What Makes Questor Travel The Right Fit For Your Wedding?

We’re uniquely placed to offer excellent deals on luxurious travel opportunities, something you can’t get from more mainstream platforms. We treat each couple as individuals, providing custom-built and tailored packages that are perfectly suited to your wishes. Whether you want something out-there and spectacular or you prefer something a little more low-key and classic, our flexibility can make it happen precisely the way you’d like it to. Getting married in opulent, beautiful and romantic surroundings doesn’t just have to be a dream. We can make it your reality, allowing you to start married life on the right foot.

Are You Feeling Inspired For The Most Important Day Of Your Life?

Imagine marrying your future spouse on the white sands of the world’s most beautiful beaches, or being wed in one of Europe’s most incredible historical cities. The possibilities are endless when it comes to genuinely custom destination weddings. If you want to design a wedding event that’s entire ‘you’, then there’s no better choice than working with a company that tailor-makes weddings based on your exact requirements.

There’s no one best way to get married. Perhaps you want all your family around you on your big day, making your budget a vital consideration to get all your loved ones there. Maybe you want something minimal and intimate in an entirely mind-blowing location. We cater for weddings of all shapes and sizes, transforming plans into incredible destination ceremonies as well as incredible honeymoons. Our supplier connections with hundreds of different luxurious companies ensure we can achieve amazing results on any budget.

We work with globally-renowned brands to provide our couples with the perfect destination wedding, specifically designed to meet budgets and tastes. Our goal is to provide our brides and grooms with an experience that outshines anything they’ve ever had before, making their special day truly extraordinary and beyond compare. If tying the knot on one of the Indian Ocean’s beautiful islands or preparing for your ceremony aboard an opulent cruise ship sounds like the ideal option for you, then Questor Travel can help make your wedding dreams come true.

A Honeymoon Experience Like No Other

Once the wedding is over, it’s time for the party to begin. Our many bespoke honeymoons are designed with romance and luxury in mind, allowing you and your new spouse to relax and enjoy married life with all the stress of the wedding out of the way. Some couples prefer to take things slow and enjoy the local culture from the comfort of the beaches and lagoons of a Caribbean paradise. Others enjoy the spectacle and cosmopolitan romance of exploring some of the world’s most historic cities. Whatever your preference, Questor Travel has a honeymoon with your name on it, designed to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you’ll always remember.

We know every couple does their honeymoon differently, depending on their budget, tastes and even the length of time they have to enjoy. That’s why each honeymoon is tailored to suit the specific couple, from a week in a beautiful floating bungalow on a tropical island to a three-day break to enjoy some of Europe’s best cultural experiences. For adventurous couples, an exciting Safari might be the perfect way to end their wedding celebrations. While for less active couples, the idea of a luxurious designer cruise hits precisely the right notes.

For couples that just can’t decide on one specific destination, the choice of a twin-centre or multi-centre holiday provides the ultimate opportunity to see the world in style. From several unique city-breaks to travelling across-country from the ski lodge to a luxury beach resort, indecision doesn’t have to mean the honeymoon is off. Instead, opt for a bit of everything – and experience a honeymoon that neither of you will ever forget, with all your favourite destinations included.

A honeymoon is a very personal thing. No two couples want the same holiday, especially when it comes to creating something that’s just for them. That’s why our focus is on helping couples create amazing memories that a typical package holiday just can’t match. If your dream is to tour the fantastic countries by cruise, our suppliers can help you get there. If a relaxing couple of weeks by the sea is more your thing, we have the connections to find the perfect spot.

A spectacular, perfectly-you honeymoon can be the perfect end to a beautiful wedding, providing memories and experiences that last a lifetime. Whether you’re romantic, adventurous or you prefer to do things a little differently, choosing the perfect destination to experience post-wedding bliss is easier than you might think.

Discover A Honeymoon And Wedding Built Just For You

We specialise in creating tailor-made, luxurious wedding and honeymoon packages to suit any couple. Every destination is packed with romance, adventure and incredible beauty in mind. From the stunning paradise beaches to luxurious cruises, we craft holidays that are far more than just your typical getaway. Our honeymoon and wedding packages stay with you for a lifetime and create memories you can’t get elsewhere.

If we sound like the perfect fit for your destination wedding, then get in contact with our team to find out how we can transform your ceremony plans into the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams. Every part of your big day will be hand-crafted by our in-house experts to ensure that every single second of your wedding and honeymoon is spot-on. Personal, memorable, and once in a lifetime. That’s precisely what we provide to our customers, and we could provide it to you, too.

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